Photo Guide

Follow the tips below when taking your pet's photo!

  • Making a picture keep your camera straight (on the level of your pet eyes)
  • It would be best if your pet looks into the camera
  • Try to make a macro picture (very close) to be able to see all details of your pet
  • Natural lite on the open air usually gives the best results. Try to avoid dark rooms
  • Try to avoid uploading blurry pictures
  • Make sure that ears fit the picture (not cut by the frame)
  • Try to avoid sending picture from social networks. Such pictures usually have very bad quality.

In the process of creating a portrait we use the photo that you send us along with your order. Therefore, make sure that the angle corresponds the pattern you choose, also color of the fur is similar to real life and you are overall satisfied with your photo.

We do our best to follow all requests specified in additional information, but cannot guarantee all of them. For example, we can remove red eye effect from the photo, but are not able to open a mouth of the pet if it is closed on the photo.

If we receive a photo, which doesn’t correspond to the guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final result will match all your expectations. Therefore, responsibility for uploading a proper picture lays on the person who places the order.

If you are not sure which photo is best you can upload up to 3 and let us choose the best one!

If you aren't able to follow these steps exactly, don't worry! We have a dedicated team who check all orders and photos as they come in.

If your photo doesn't meet our criteria, we'll let you know by Email.

We'll give you 24 hours to send us photos of a better quality.  If you insist on making a portrait using the photo you provided and don't send us a new one, we can not guarantee you a good result. Alas, it won't be possible to change the photo after we started working on it.